Halloween is a fun and exciting time for your family and even the dog can be included, but there are some things you need to always remember with your four legged friends during this holiday time:

· Say No To Diet Treats. Sugar free candies and food could actually be poisoning your pet. The chemicals in artificial sweeteners can cause a radical drop in your pet’s blood pressure, cause liver damage, and worse, death.

· Look out for chocolates. Especially dark chocolate. This is knows to contain theobromine that can be deadly to your pup. This type of chocolate can result in increased heart rate, shaking, seizures and possibly death.

· Grapes and raisins are a definite NO NO.  Not all pups suffer the consequences of consuming grapes and raisins but those that do are affected can suffer from kidney failure or death.

Enjoy Halloween with your family and pets, and if you really want your pup to join in on the fun and excitement, a costume or Halloween themed toy is a great alternative to foods that may not be consumable for your pup.