Training Information

Training is $550 and paid in advance directly to our trainer. Space for training is limited and filled by first come first serve.

We offer extended training and its restricted to the list below. Do not ask myself or the trainer to train your puppy the way you want or to add extra things you would like. This is what we offer and we do not add services to this list.

  • Puppy is trained to a crate and taught to sleep through the night with little to no crying.
  • We offer the start of a housebreaking routine though pups are NOT housebroken when they go home,  they are on a routine and will depend on you once you get your puppy home to complete what has been started. We train them to turf and/or Grass ONLY.
  • We also get them to come when called and sit on command.
  • We get them used to wearing a harness and what it feels like to wear one. We do NOT leash train for the safety of the pup which is too young to be walking around in an unsafe area without fully being vaccinated.
  • All puppies are to be picked up on their assigned pickup days at 10 weeks.  So please plan accordingly when you pay for your training as we have other pups that are starting to be trained as soon as your pup leaves and we can not assist you in extra days because of vacations, life events, children's sports programs, etc.


Delivery Options

Delivery is available within a 5 hr drive one way. We have our own personal drivers that work exclusively for us and we will be happy to deliver to your home, meet you, etc. Delivery Fee is set fee of $350. If over 5hrs is needed for delivery it is an additional $75 for every hour over 5 hrs.


"Kelly" one of our delivery Drivers.


"Allen & Johnny" 2 of our Delivery Drivers