Frequently Asked Questions

Prices start at $1995 and up to $2500 depending on breed, sex or color.  We require a $500 deposit to reserve a puppy on a upcoming litter and that amount is taken off the total cost of the puppy. 

$500 deposit is required to be on any of our moms upcoming litters. It is non refundable if you simply change your mind, buyers remorse, life events, etc. however do offer refunds in the event we can't provide a puppy, pups didn't make it, etc. 

Families get to pick their puppy based on when they placed their deposit. So first deposit first pick, 2nd deposit 2nd pick, and so forth. Any extra puppies are posted on the website for the general public after all our waiting families have picked their puppy. All available puppies are offered first to clients waiting on other upcoming moms before placing on the web site for the general public. Deposits are REFUNDABLE however if placing a deposit and the mom you waited for does not have enough puppies, not the right sex or color you wanted, litter didn't survive, etc. then you are bumped to the next litter or offered a full refund. 

$500 is a NON REFUNDABLE deposit and is required to be on any of our moms upcoming litters. If you change your mind or have a life event that prevents you from getting your puppy. It IS however refundable if  something happens on our end. We will move you to the next available litter or offer you a refund.   We try our best but "life" happens. Our clients get a puppy anywhere from 4-8 months after placing their deposits in most cases but some breeds it can be longer or even sooner. 

If you are a current client we will allow you to visit your puppy at 7 weeks if you are local and would like to do so.  If we have older pups and you are NOT a current client we require the pups to be 8 weeks so they have had their shots and seen by the vet. This is for their protection. 

 This includes pups first vet visit with full exam and given a FL Health Certificate, first shots, de-wormed, fecal, Bathed, flea protection and heartworm prevention for one month and a written one year guarantee.

$25 per day fee if your puppy is not picked up on your pickup day. Please plan your vacations and family events accordingly.  

Most everyone wants to know what our dogs eat. Our puppies are currently eating Purina ONE Puppy.  Our adults eat Diamond Dry and wet food.  We start puppies at 4 weeks on kibble mixed with a bit of wet food.  This will make sure they have prettier coats, and eating better and higher fat and protein as dogs and puppies need.  

 We do not allow visits to the pups due them not having vaccinations til 8 weeks. This is for their own protection from disease that can be brought in and given to them.  

90% of my clients pick by photos within the first 2 weeks of birth as the majority of my clients are not local.   
I am more than happy to do video's and photos for you as well to help you pick the puppy you like. We can talk about all the things you're wanting and I can direct you to the right puppy.  If I ever feel you have picked a puppy that is not suitable based on your wants for your family I WILL tell you and give you the option of changing.  It is rarely an issue but on occasion it does happen. If you're a client that needs to see your puppy at 6 weeks of age and pick by personality, then I am probably not the breeder for you as we rarely if ever have pups that old that are available to pick from. 

All puppies go home at 8 weeks unless they are getting training. If you are getting training with the local trainer we use, they will stay there until 11 weeks and you would pick your puppy up from her.  Otherwise as soon as they see the vet for their health certificates they can go home. If their birthday falls mid week they may go home anytime that day or wait till Friday or Saturday just after their 8th week birthday.  You are given a date for pickup.    We ask our families to please plan vacations, school events, sporting events, or other activities accordingly as pups must be picked up on time and we give you several days to choose from a couple of months in advance.  If they have to stay past our pickup days, we charge $25 a day for boarding. 

We will no longer offer shipping due to so many regulations with the airlines. However I do offer other options for you. If you are within a 5 hr drive we can usually have one of our drivers deliver to your door or meet you at the 5 hr mark at a safe location.  We charge $475.  We have our own personal drivers that work exclusively for me as well so pups are safe and its safe for you as well.  You are always welcome to fly here as well to Tampa International or Clearwater /St. Pete Airport and you can take your puppy back in the cabin under the seat.  I will gladly meet you at the airport with your puppy so no rental car is needed if you like. We charge $75 for this service.

They live with us all the days of their lives where they have always been in most cases. Occasionally we make exceptions if we know a family or they are recommended to us by family, friends or previous clients. We just need to know they will take good care of one of our retiree's.  Otherwise this will always be there home!