Our Kennel

Obviously we can't keep 20 dogs in our home  so we have built the dogs their own home. Our kennel is located right in my backyard where I can sit on my back porch and see my dogs at any time.  They have a 1000 sq ft. home with both heat and air conditioning.  Our moms have individual pens inside away from the other dogs when having their babies where it is quiet and none stressful for them as well. We also have monitors in our home to watch moms if they start to give birth.   We have a grooming area for me to do their grooming complete with all the necessities needed to have a clean and safe environment for our dogs.  Our dogs have a large turfed play area so they stay clean as well as the puppies when they are old enough to play outside. And for me, I have a flat screen, washer and dryer, refrigerator, microwave which it makes it truly a great place for me and staff to work and spend time with them!