Meet the Parent's

Many people ask us what we do with our retired moms and dads.  We typically KEEP them until their last day on earth. We have raised them since babies and we love them and care about them so we have them neutered or spayed and their life stays the same.  They play with their doggy friends every day as well as my play time with them daily.  

The majority of our parents are either AKC or CKC registered and some cases they are dual registered.  We spend many hours a day with all the dogs just playing, training, and grooming each day.  We have raised our parents from babies and give them the best of care along with lots of attention. We have American cocker spaniels, English and Cockapoos for the parents of our cockapoo pups and several dads that are Poodles and one cockapoo dad.  None of the pups will be registered as we are crossing breeds. 


Our Dad's

Raylon" is a 20 pound black/white Cockapoo, "Jase" is a 20 pound Red Miniature Poodle, Chewy is our "Maltipoo" stud.  "Little Prince" who is a 7 pound red poodle.



20lb, 1st Generation Cockapoo

Miniature Poodle-Jase


20lb, Red Miniature Poodle


              Little Prince 

                        7lb, Red Toy Poodle


13lb Sable Maltipoo

Our Cockapoo Mom's

Marley, Katy and River are Cocker Spaniels.  Kizzy is our only English Cocker and has the biggest of our pups averaging 23-30 pounds. Marley has a bit smaller pups averaging 18-22 pounds  River and Katy's pups are the smallest averaging 18-20 pounds with first generation pups..  We also have 2nd generation Cockapoo Moms, Tabitha,  Mya, and Tilly.  Average weights for Tabitha's are 20-25 pounds,  Mya and Tilly have our smallest pups typically 15-20 pounds full grown. Mya is  bred for allergy sufferers and our only mom to have F1B pups. 



Our Smallest Cocker Spaniel mom. 



A 24 pound English/Springer Spaniel . She also has our biggest pups that can be as large as 30 pounds. 



"Fiona" is another new Cocker Spaniel mom. She will be having all buffs and reds due 2022. 



A 15 pound First Generation Buff Cockapoo 


"Khaloni" is our new Cocker Spaniel mom and will have her first litter 2022. 



Our 23lb, Blonde Cocker Spaniel



Mya is a 1st Generation Cockapoo and one of our smaller moms. She has our F1B pups.  Her mom is "Marley".



 1st Generation Cockapoo, She has our 2nd generation cockapoo's with Raylon



A 20 pound Chocolate Merle Cocker Spaniel 

Shihpoo - Maltipoo - Cavapoo - Malshipoo Moms

These are the moms to our Maltipoos, Shihpoos and Malshipoos.  Emma and Ellie are our Shihtzu moms and will have Shihpoos and Malshipoos. Our mom "Jasmine" ( Toy poodle)  has our Maltipoos.  We are just starting to raise Cavapoos with our mom "Kandy" as of 2021. 



Our Silver 10 Pound Toy Poodle that has our Maltipoos. 

Ellie Mae


Our Brindle Shih Tzu who has our Malshipoo pups. 



Khaleesi" is our first Malshipoo born and raised here at the kennel. She will be having pups in the near future. Her parents are Emma (Shih Tzu) and Chewy ( Maltipoo Stud).


Our 13 pound Shih Tzu "Emma" who is our mom to Malshipoos. 



Our 12 pound Cavalier King Charles