Meet the Parent's

 We spend many hours a day with all the dogs just playing, training, and grooming.  We have raised our parents from babies and give them the best of care along with lots of attention.


Our Dad's

All our pups average 15 - 25 pounds based on which set of parents we mate.  


"Ledger" Our Chocolate Merle Poodle Stud and our youngest Poodle. 


"Chewy" our Sable Maltipoo Stud

Our Cockapoo and Cavapoo Mom's

Our cockapoo pups average 15-22 pounds. 

 "Khaloni" Our American Cocker Spaniel.  


    "Fiona" American Cocker Spaniel


"Kandy" is our only Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and has our Cavapoos.


Maltipoo - Malshipoo Moms

These are the moms to our Maltipoos, Shihpoos and Malshipoos.  Kai is our only Shihtzu mom and will have our Malshipoos. Our mom "Jasmine" ( Toy poodle)  has our Maltipoos and occasionally poodles.  

"Jasmine" is a Silver/Black Toy Poodle that has our Maltipoos. 


"Pearl" is a White/Tan Parti Poodle and she will be having Maltipoos in 2024. She will be mated with Chewy. 


"Kai" is our youngest little Shih-Tzu and will have Malshipoos. 


"Khaleesi" is our first Malshipoo born from our parents "Emma" & "Chewy". She is our mom that has F1B Malshipoos.