NEWS- Khaleesi and Prince will be having their first litter July 17th!  All colors are expected. 10-14 pounds full grown. Taking deposits on this litter. $500 deposit, pups are $2500

EllieMae and Chewy will be having a litter sometime this fall. Taking deposits on this litter as well. 


These are the parents of our Malshipoo pups.  Our moms are Ellie and Emma are both Shihtzu's. Khaleesi is a Malshipoo and her mom and dad are actually Emma and Chewy.  Chewy is our Maltipoo father which we use with Emma and Ellie. Prince our toy poodle will be the father to Khaleesi's litters. 

The Maltese, Poodle and Shih tzu are the most requested breeds making the "Malshipoo" adorable, sweet, friendly and loving little dog. Adorable personalities with non shedding coats.  Typical size is 12-15 pounds.  All colors are expected!  Taking deposits on these future litters!